What is this madness?

Berlin’s first improv CageMatch!

The Offensives are a long form improvised comedy tournament that take place over three Saturdays at CCB. 8 teams battle it out on stage for audience votes; only 1 team reigns supreme.

Winners of the Offensives enter the Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship and compete against each other in an exclusive competition.


The "Offensive" Winners

  1. GRILL TALK - 20.08.2016
  2. CǓNT HÅMMɆR - 21.01.2017
  3. Carl Me Maybe - 19.08.2017
  4. Cat Bear - 20.01.2018

The Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship Winners

  1. CǓNT HÅMMɆR - 28.01.2017
  2. CǓNT HÅMMɆR - 29.09.2017

The "Offensive" Leaderboard



Carl Me Maybe* - IIIII

Cat Bear* - III

Slow Clap - IIII

the "h" is silent - I

Great Grandkids! - I

Cat Video - I

Vegetable Product - I

Steven Segalman Brothers Band - I

Dicks & Glasses - I

Scratch Theater Company Players - I

Three Wishes - I

Cool Story, Bro! - Ø

The Awkward High Five Ø

The Pants on Fire - Ø

Ghost Boner Ø

I dont know man I am not good at anything Ø 

#TryMeNot Ø

Team Carl - Ø

Fresh ImportØ

The Barbapapa - Ø

A Dinosaur - Ø

Skit Happens! - Ø

The Bottle Episode - Ø

The Olive Garden - Ø





Hosted by Good Luck, Barbara!