The "Offensive" Winners

  1. GRILL TALK - 20.08.2016
  2. CǓNT HÅMMɆR - 21.01.2017

The Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship Winners

  1. CǓNT HÅMMɆR - 28.01.2017


What is this madness?

Berlin’s first improv CageMatch!

The Offensives are a long form improvised comedy tournament that take place over three Saturdays at CCB. 8 teams battle it out on stage for audience votes; only 1 team reigns supreme.

Winners of the Offensives enter the Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship and compete against each other in an exclusive competition with a chance to win a primetime show at CCB.

The "Offensive" Leaderboard




Carl Me Maybe - II

the "h" is silent - I

Great Grandkids! - I

Cat Video - I

Vegetable Product - I

The Awkward High Five Ø

The Pants on Fire - Ø

Ghost Boner Ø

I dont know man I am not good at anything Ø 

#TryMeNot Ø

Team Carl - Ø

Fresh ImportØ

The Barbapapa - Ø

Hosted by Good Luck, Barbara!