• Provide support both on and off the stage
    • Work together and collaborate rather than compete
  • Listen to each other both on and off the stage
  • Respect sexual boundaries
    • Physical contact should be limited to editing and appropriate social norms.
    • Remember that fellow students are here to learn and perform first and foremost, not to be asked out/hit on.
  • Your trust and support is of utmost importance in scene work. If you feel unsafe, you should feel free to stop the scene and should not be felt bad for doing so.
  • Sensitive and risky subject matter should be treated carefully and with emotional intelligence.
    • If your humor must attack someone, make it the establishment and not the downtrodden.
    • Your teacher is on hand to guide you responsibly through this.

CCB does not tolerate discriminatory behavior, misconduct or harassment of any kind.

If you are concerned or have questions with any of this please contact us.

If you have a complaint or concern about a fellow improviser, comedian, teacher, audience member, or member of staff please contact any of the following community liaisons.

Addressing issues improves the community and we encourage you to speak up. We do not place timeframe limits on addressing concerns, though our ability to take action may be limited should the status of involved parties have changed during that time.