Paul Salamone was born in Scranton, PA in the late 70s. Growing up the eldest of four boys in Upstate New York, he studied art in university and attended SUNY Fredonia’s graphic design program. Following school he worked for varying design and technology firms while becoming involved in left-wing politics.

Paul’s comedy career began in 2002 when he was temporarily made editor-in-chief of the notorious Buffalo BEAST, a satirical left-leaning newspaper founded by Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi. For six months Paul and friends drew the ire of everyone from soccer moms to neo-nazis with their incessant pranks and editorials, even fomenting a fistfight between rival alternative newspapers at a Ralph Nader peace rally.

In 2003 Paul moved to Colorado where he attended the Bovine Metropolis Theatre school of improv comedy while working as a designer for a Buddhist community. His brother Chris soon followed and soon the two were mainstays at a local karaoke bar, where Paul’s addiction to the stage began in earnest. This also led to a brief musical partnership as the brothers founded the indie band The Salamone Brothers to play a series of basement shows in their Boulder home. They released a minor single with “Blood State” under their short-lived “Confidence Cabin” record label before Chris moved to NYC.

In 2006, following the breakup of a long-distance relationship, Paul started doing stand-up in the Denver-Boulder comedy scene, brushing elbows with the likes of Ben Kronberg and Adam-Clayton Holland.

In 2007 he moved to Berlin, Germany to find himself as an artist and experience life abroad. He soon fell in with a group of disaffected expatriates, started the obligatory literary journal, and played in another basement band with the name Science: the Movie. In 2008 he fell in with a troupe of improv comedians, and by 2009 had started his own monthly stand-up comedy showcase, Comedy in SIN, with Honduran comedian Rey Melara.

By 2011 a legitimate English-speaking comedy scene had emerged in Berlin, with Paul acting as one of its leading lights, either headlining in or hosting various shows around town with names like Buzz Club, Neukölln Confessional, Rathaus Comedy, and The Fish Bowl.

In 2012, Paul took a group of Berlin comedians to the Edinburgh Fringe (his second time there) to perform in their Berlin Expat Comedy Fun Show showcase. This led to the formation of the weekly “We Are Not Gemüsed” open stage with UK comic Caroline Clifford, which currently ranks as Berlin’s most popular regular comedy shows, pulling in a weekly crowd of 70-100 people to a tiny space.

2013 has been a big year for Paul. He undertook his first major co-headlining tour with Canadian comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, which took him through Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. He also headlined at clubs in Croatia and Serbia, and was made host of the English Theatre Berlin’s monthly stand-up showcase. Following another run at Fringe Festival with Caroline and others, Paul participated in the Fritz Radio “Nacht der Talent” at the sold-out 1800-seat Admiralspalast, where he became the first English-speaking participant in the show’s 15-year run.