Every week CCB brings you Berlin's best English language improv. 

ComedySportz Berlin match 2016


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Funny. Always funny.

Every Friday night, we bring you the best of CCB's homegrown improv talent. 




GLB is Nicole Ratjen, Josh Telson, and Noah Telson (plus special guests).

GLB are American/Canadian expats who perform quick-witted, physical, rapid fire yet slow burning English-language long form improv comedy in Berlin, Germany. They have been described as “delightfully quirky” by RBB radio and “a definite recommendation” by GLB is the house improv team at the Comedy Café Berlin, where they perform a variety of popular shows, including a long form showcase, “At The Movies”, a completely improvised movie and Tatort auf Englisch. They have trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Miles Stroth Workshop, ComedySportz, Dad’s Garage, Lee White, Joe Bill, and others.

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ComedyShorts is a fun, fast-paced comedy improvisation show, in English. The show is performed with two teams that play for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot. At the end of every scene, the audience votes for the winners. YOU DECIDE WHO WINS!




GRILL TALK: turn up the heat

GRILL TALK is having a barbecue and all they need to get cooking is their favorite meat... YOU. Will this show consist of as many grilling/cooking metaphors as its description? Come find out as they grill a member of the audience for all the juicy details of their life and then improvise a show entirely based on that recipe. Does that answer your question? 

GRILL TALK is Nacho Sanguinetti, Matilde Keizer and Trevor Silverstein. They were the winners of CCB'S 1st August Offensive Cagematch Tournament and have since performed at the Copenhagen International Improv Festival and Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre's Del Close Marathon in New York.



BERLIN’S CLUBS NOT DIRTY ENOUGH FOR YOU? AND/OR TOO IMPATIENT FOR A QUEUE? Then let CUNT HAMMER and their SPECIAL GUEST SMASH YOUR MIND on the second Saturday of every-frickin-month with some WICKED LONGFORM IMPROV and mildly-arousing dance moves. SMASHTIME!!

CUNTHAMMER is a Berlin-based improv troupette that has been smashing the stages of Berlin, Copenhagen and New York with their unique ADHD-brand of longform improv.

They are two-time winners and current reigning champion of Berlin’s longform improv cagematch “THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE CHAMPIONSHIP”.


Tatort auf Englisch

Germany’s beloved crime series, Tator, dubbed live into English.

Tired of your favorite movies being butchered with “synchronisieren” into German? Now’s your chance for payback as a rotating cast of Berlin English language comedians take the voices back and improvise the show live with an accompanying piano.