• Comedy Café Berlin (map)
  • Roseggerstraße 17
  • 12059 Berlin
  • Germany

The focus of this workshop will be providing students powerful, specific tools to help you connect and respond to your scene partners while improvising. 

In this workshop you'll learn how to play with

  • Emotional depth to bring richness to the ordinary

  • Emotional & Psychological listening to discover more possibilities in the moment  

  • A strategic point of view to sharpen your Characters and Scenes 

  • A vital presence to serve yourself and your scene partners, your scenes and shows 

We’ll work with understanding the differences & similarities in playing Game, Narrative & Long Form Characters. The workshop includes personal feedback with tools you can use going forward.  This workshop is perfect for all improvisers, regardless of skill level, and will provide you LOTS of reps in the improv gym to practice using the tools that Joe shares with you.

About Joe Bill

Joe Bill (USA) is a veritable force in the world of improv. He has worked with almost every North American improviser of note, including Del Close himself. He currently sits as the Director of Corporate Training at iO Chicago, is a guest artist in residence at The Second City Training Center, is one of the founding members of Annoyance Theater Chicago, has performed and taught at The Magnet Theater & People Improv Theater in NYC and at UCB in New York and L.A., and has been teaching and performing internationally for over 15 years.

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Sunday, April 29, 3-7pm
Duration: 4 hours
Place: Comedy Café Berlin
Cost: €75