• Comedy Café Berlin (map)
  • Roseggerstraße 17
  • 12059 Berlin
  • Germany

In this course, we introduce students to the concept of ‘the Game of the Scene’, a funny pattern that is explored and heightened to maximum effect. A core part of the North American approach to improv, Game forms the foundation of our philosophy of comedic improv.

Students will learn to build solid scene platforms, identify funny ideas that can be turned into patterns, heighten and explore those patterns, and get a solid foundation in comedic improv. We emphasize a holistic approach to Game, encouraging students to embrace character work and physical acting while honing in on a single comedic idea to make a scene as funny as possible.

Prerequisite: Level 1 - Intro to Improv

Tuesdays 7:30-10:00p
April 10 - June 5, skipping May 1 (8 Sessions) 
Location: Comedy Café Berlin
Instructor: Josh Telson

Early bird registration: €125,-
Normal registration: €150,-