An unscripted hour of anecdotes and jokes from Daniel Stern, with a guest or friend dropping in to join for a bit. 

Presented as of part Daniel Stern's "Bald Spot" Series: a collection of shows every Saturday at 11:59pm. Bis Bald! Bis Dan!

Things that have been said about Daniel Stern, but removed from their original context:
"frankly hilarious" –Lola Magazine
"a pleasant mix of jovial ramblings and polished material" 
–Berlinlovesyou . com

Show time: 11:59p
The doors will open 15 minutes before show time.
Tickets: FREE (suggested donation: 5€)

Please enjoy a drink at the bar before and after the show! (It’s how we keep the doors open.)

In partnership with Comedy in English Berlin.
More Daniel Stern at

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