In 2015 I lived in a flat in London with a conman named Andy. He told people he owned our flat when they moved in, so they thought he was the landlord, and he took their rent money. I wrote a blog about him every week, in secret, and he got arrested for fraud. It's a little more complicated than all of that though, come sit down for 50 minutes and I'll tell you the story.

Sold out Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018
"A natural writer, Jones recounts the disquieting story with a light, but compelling touch." - Steve Bennett, Chortle.
"His explorations of love, loss and STI's are delivered with an effortless and vulnerable charm that is seldom seen on the stand-up stage, even from the most famous comic minds." - The Music (Melbourne)
"Aidan Jones has the gift of storytelling... we were riveted." - Weekend Notes