Power balances are shifting. But if power corrupts can we really get rid of ALL the arsebiscuits without becoming arsebiscuits ourselves? What price friendship, when revolution beckons? What price joy & compassion? And what about the MENZ? Intent. Consequence. Power. Control. These are words. I will use them. You will laugh. (terms and conditions apply).

'Funny, fiery, brave & true' The Herald, Scotland
☆☆☆☆ ‘Fluency, intensity and vivacity...’ The Age, Melbourne
‘A one woman powerhouse…’ femalearts.com
Winner, Outstanding Performer, Tea with Terrorists, NZ Fringe 2017
Winner, Outstanding Ensemble, Fiery Tongues, NZ Fringe 2017
Nominee, Best In Fringe, Homicidal Pacifist, NZ Fringe 2016

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