Five comedians. One stage. A royal rumble of collaborative comedy. Take the stand up comedy spotlight and add the improv 'back line' of teammates. “Line of Fire” is an experimental format where five stand up comedians riff, banter, interrupt and laugh. An unscripted mix of spontaneous humor and rehearsed material. A battle of wits and an anarchic amalgam of amusement.

The Line-up:
Helen Bauer
Josh Telson
Daniel Stern
and another special guest

This is part of Daniel Stern's Bald Spot Series: A Midnight residency every Saturday at Comedy Café Berlin

Show time: 11:59pm
The doors will open 15 minutes before show time.
Tickets: 5€ 

Please enjoy a drink at the bar before and after the show! (It’s how we keep the doors open.)

In partnership with Comedy in English Berlin.
More Daniel Stern at

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