Winners of the previous Offensives enter the Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship and compete against each other in an exclusive competition with a chance to win Everything in the Universe.

This. Is. It.

GRILL TALK, CǓNT HÅMMɆR, Carl Me Maybe and Cat Bear have all won a seat at the table. Now is their chance to make sure they're seated at the head of it.

Join us on this epic evening of all-out, bare-knuckled long form improv brawling.

The show will be followed by a party. You are all invited.

Show time: 8:30p
The doors will open 15 minutes before show time.
Tickets: 5.50€ online / 7€ at the door
10% discount for groups of 3.

Please enjoy a drink at the bar before and after the show! (It’s how we keep the doors open.)

In partnership with Berlin English Improv Network and Comedy in English Berlin.

Interested in taking comedy classes? Check out Hive Improv.