Tickets on sale soon.

**In English!/Auf Englisch!** 

Per show: €8 (€6 Student)
2-Show Tickets: €10 (€9 Student) 
Come early and stay late for drinks!

Wednesday July 19th:
8pm Sophie Hagen
9:30pm Mark Watson

Thursday July 20th: 
8pm The Establishment
9:30pm Plague of Idiots

Friday July 21st:
8pm Tamar Broadbent
9:30pm TBD

Saturday July 22nd:
8pm TBD
9:30pm Fringe Wives Club

Sunday July 23rd:
7pm John-Luke Roberts
8:30pm Elf Lyons
Wednesday July 26th: 
8pm Double Denim
9:30pm Dr Neal Portenza

Thursday July 27th: 
8pm Helen Duff
9:30pm Will Greenway

Friday July 28th: 
8pm Juan Vesuvius
9:30pm Betty Grumble

Saturday July 29th: 
8pm Zach & Viggo
9:30pm Tez Ilyas

Sunday July 30th: 
7pm Zach Zucker
8:30pm Viggo Venn