• Comedy Café Berlin (map)
  • Roseggerstr. 17
  • 12059 Berlin
Eventbrite - The Weird Show | Live Sketch Show at CCB

**In English!/Auf Englisch!**
Show Start: 8:30p
Door: 8:00p
Tickets: 8€ / 6€
Come early and grab a drink at the bar!

Holy Himmels! Did you say SUNDAY NITE SKETCH-O-RAMA EXTRAVAGANZA with THE WEIRD SHOW at the wonderful Comedy Cafe Berlin?

Come on down this July 10th for an evening of English language live sketch comedy! There will be laughter. There will be tears. They could be yours!

- - - - 

"I’m happy to be involved now and then as a friend."
Chris J. Rock, sketch and improv teacher at Hive Improv

On The Weird Show performing at CCB:
"Yes! I'll have to look at availability. Will get back to you on Monday. In Amsterdam at the moment." - Noah Telson

On The Weird Show performing at English Theater Berlin:
"Please arrive by seven for the soundcheck." - Paul Salamone

- - - - -

When scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) tests his experimental teleportation device, he doesn’t realise that he is not alone – a small group of comedy writers and performers has got trapped in the mechanism. As he embarks on a relationship with science journalist Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), he slowly begins a terrifying transformation. By the year 2016, no trace of the scientist remains. He has entirely become an international sketch comedy troupe. His name? The Weird Show.

But who were those unfortunate comedy writers and performers? Little is known of them except their names, biographical details and physical presence in shows. Members include Clementine Davies, Sara Near, Nacho Sanguinetti, Christopher Shevlin, Raquel Stern, Kübra Varol and Chris J. Rock.

Together they write and perform sketch shows about such diverse subjects as Russians, game shows and the existence of lunch.

* Neither Jeff Goldblum nor Geena Davis is in any way associated with this show.