• Comedy Café Berlin (map)
  • Roseggerstr. 17
  • 12059 Berlin

ComedySportz Auditions

ComedySportz is holding auditions for new players for its Acting Company on Sunday April 3 from 13:30- 16:30, at the Comedy Café Berlin, Roseggerstraße 17, 12059 Berlin.

New Players should already have experience in improvisation.  Please send CVs/ resumes to info@comedysportz.de for review by March 25, 2016. Applicants will be selected to attend auditions, based on experience.

ComedySportz Acting Company Members are paid for performances and for teaching workshops. Rehearsals are not paid.

New Company Members need:

-       to be able to perform comedy improvisation in English, even if English is not their Mother-tongue (currently CSz Berlin boasts 15 Acting Company members from 11 countries). Foreign Speakers are encouraged to apply, but a strong command of English language is necessary. 

-       To be a versatile, capable stage performer. They need to exhibit:

o   strong character-work (vocal range and accents, physicality, emotional life)

o   pantomime and physical comedy skills

o   strong stage presence: vocal technique, confidence on stage, comedic timing

o   excellent group-work/ ensemble skills

o   strong story-telling skills

o   basic to advanced singing skills

o   trainability: we understand that the skills above CAN be taught, and CSz WILL train New Company Members in these skills, as long as the New Company Members are enthusiastic and open to training. It is understood that everyone needs different training to become ‘performance-ready.’ This means that some players will need more time in training than others. New Acting Company members must be patient and trust the process, and the trainers’ input and recommendations regarding performance-training.

-        to be able to commit to at least one year of residency with ComedySportz, to ensure proper training time (between 2-3 months, depending on skill-set) and to be able to perform for shows.

-        to be able to attend weekly rehearsals with Acting Company, on Tuesday nights, from 19:00- 21:30.

-       To be available to perform on weekend nights: Fridays and/ or Saturdays, from 20:30- 22:30. They do NOT have to be available to perform every show, but at least twice per month.

Any questions, please write to info@comedysportz.de