• Comedy Café Belrin (map)
  • Roseggerstraße 17
  • 12059 Berlin
  • Germany

**In English!/Auf Englisch!** 

Paul Salamone, a Berlin English comedy scene veteran and the host of the wildly popular We Are Not Gemüsed open stage, makes his solo debut at Comedy Cafe Berlin with a full length expansion of his hand-painted ''flags'' routine. Combining travel stories with visual humor, childhood revelations and tales of street activism, Paul presents it all with this trademark energy and love for audience interaction.

Opening Act: Kinan Al Comedian

What people are saying: 
''I love this guy ... I saw him in Berlin for the first time, and that was the first time I actually pissed myself from laughing'' - Nigel Williams, Standup Antwerp

''Notably non- traditional ... weaving together crowdwork into self-deprecating bits with quick elegance'' - Live in Berlin.co

''Paul Salamone is, contrary to his looks, an intelligent comedian. And funny. Which is quite important for a comic.'' - Fokke van der Meilen owner, Cafe the Joker

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