Our Products

Vagabund Brauerei

CCB's tap beer is brewed in Berlin at Vagabund Brauerei, the city’s first community supported nano-brewery. Located in Wedding, their modest brewery and taproom has been attracting craft beer enthusiasts from all over the world since opening in 2013. CCB is proud to be one of the only bars in Berlin that serves their American Pale Ale outside of their own taproom. The APA is brewed entirely with American hops including Cascade, Willamette and Summit which lend to the typical citrus notes the style is known for. Malt rounds out the favor and gives some backbone and amber color to the beer.


At CCB, we’re happy to offer a wide range of bottled beer including Quartiermeister, a Berlin based distributor that focuses on giving back to the community and supporting local entrepreneurs. The beer itself is brewed at the Brauerei Wittichenau –located in Lusatia on the border of Brandenburg and Sachsen. Quartiermeister publishes a quarterly report on its profits and spending so you can see exactly which projects they support and where your money is going!

Vin Aqua Vin

CCB's five selected wines are sourced from Vin Aqua Vin, just a few meters away along Weserstrasse. Vin Aqua Vin offers a carefully selected and unique array of wine and liquor. Their focus is on wines with a certain character and statement rather than off-the-shelf products.

Kiez Rösterei

CCB's coffee and tea, including our coffee machine and grinder, are supplied by Kiez Rösterei located in the historic Bergmann neighborhood. Kiez Rösterei imports raw coffee beans from several countries around the globe and roasts and blends them into distinct specialty coffees. Their coffee business is transparent and fair and they regularly travel to meet many of their coffee farmers in person.

photos: Kalle Kuikkaniemi